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Late Night Yoga

Last night was my first late night yoga time in my yoga room.

I think with yoga I am learning that the mat calls out to you. To spend time with yourself and look within in a very non critical way. But with a self loving reflective attitude.

My space here is definitely in the works and rough. It’s lived through both my children and been purple and blue and suffered holes in the wall. They are now patched and at night those patches appear to be “stars” to my eyes.

I wanted to keep the room fairly clear of trinkets to keep my mind on track. So I have some items that are sweet to me at this point in my life. A purple flower from a close friends 60th birthday, painted rocks my daughter and I picked up on a walk and a star my husband made for me is hanging from the ceiling. The blue walls are from my sons stay in the room and it reminds me of a twilight time of day.

Tonight my mat called out to me to stretch and relax. My dog came in and took over a corner of the mat and after shavasana my daughter came in the room with our new granddaughter and said she was drawn in by the smell and the calmness of the room. I love diffusing oils and playing spa like music when I practice. My daughter asked if we could do baby yoga so I held our sweet Alana and softly chanted “Shanti Alana Shanti”. Her name means awakening and shanti means peace. What a beautiful time with her. One I will cherish always.

Yoga is a beautiful give to yourself and I’m just barely opening the present. If you are still readying you must be slightly curious about yoga or are already connected with your mat. If you are the first I encourage you to take classes and make it your own experience. If you are the later…Namaste.


How did I get to this Gigi place…

A little girl was born on April 11th that stole my heart and made me a Gigi. I was the first to see her dark hair and heard her take her first breath and cry out into the world that she is very present.  Our first grandchild had arrived and we are as clueless as how to be grandparents as we were on parenting lol But we know that with love, prayer, laughter and patience we will build our “grand”parenting kingdom.

I certainly had made my share  of mistakes parenting. Haven’t we all?? Like when I put my son as a baby in a hammock to swing him a little and pushed just a little to hard. You see where this is going? Needless to say when he rolled out I had a heart attack and felt like the worst mother on earth!!! But to see him play college football you wouldn’t know about the hammock incident 🙂

Now back to becoming Gigi…..Our daughter came back home to stay with us a few weeks before she was born, that is a whole other story for another day, and so now we happily have an explosion of baby paraphernalia in our home. I mean who knew car seats and strollers would be combined to be called “Travel System”! I have a lot to catch up on.

Now I know having your grandchildren living in your home is not new to a lot of you. But this is new to us and we are making our way through it. When I looked around my home just weeks before it looked like an empty nesters home. Wine glasses washed and on display,  seasonal decor with pillows to match and even started a yoga room. Not to mention opening a booth at a local antique shop. We built raised garden beds, started a beehive and even have chickens in effort to do our part to live healthier and organically. Very Cliche right? lol

I will share more about my life…the real life of a woman in her 40’s who has been through some real stuff. The joy, struggle, faith and journey of it all with a man I don’t deserve by my side. He is my king ❤ AKA Granddad.

So Gigi was born on April 11th, 2018 but the journey to Gigi began long before then. Isn’t life’s journey awesome 🙂